My Fees

My fee is $120 dollars for a 60 minute in office or virtual session, this includes individual therapy, family therapy, and private parenting sessions.

Fees for semi-private and group parenting classes and workshops vary.  

I offer a limited number of lower fee slots so please feel free to contact me to ask if any are available. 


I understand that you might want to get some support from your health insurance in covering costs of therapy. As an "out of network" provider, I can provide superbills that you can give your insurance for reimbursement.  I recommend checking in with your insurance provider prior to your first session to make sure they accept superbills for services. 



All fees are due on the day of the session or prior. Payments can be made by exact cash, check, bank card, or PayPal. 

Have more questions about my fees or if My SERVICES are the right investment for you?

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