A Proactive Approach to Raising a Child


Do you ever ask yourself, "why did my child act this way?"  OR "Why did I act this way?" Maybe you have read the parenting books, are following the parenting advice website(s) and keeping up to date with the parenting blogs but it still feels hard and you are not sure how to implement all the strategies you learn.  Maybe you have tried various parenting styles, from free range parenting to authoritative parenting and you can't seem to figure out what works best for you and your family.  Maybe you are worried that you are not being a good enough parent. You are not alone! With so many different parenting styles out there it is normal for parents to feel lost, or uncertain on how to approach parenting.  Parents often forget that no one knows their child better then they do! But why does it feel so hard?  


Raising a child is a huge task, it is not easy but learning how to manage the ups and downs of raising a child does not have to be hard.

My proactive approach has helped parents uncover their strengths, identify their blockers and become better informed so that when the going gets tough, they are better prepared! I help parents bring out their best qualities and find the right tools to help their family thrive.

My approach uses the latest research on child development, brain development, resiliency, emotional intelligence, and attachment and conscious living philosophies to help parents develop their own unique parenting plan.  

I offer private and semi-private sessions to help families meet their specific needs. I can help with: 

  • Preparation for Parenting
  • Positive Parenting 
  • Parenting teens 
  • Empathy-led discipline
  • Cultivating Resiliency in children
  • Understanding Anger
  • How to set age appropriate limits
  • Co Parenting support 
  • Parenting an adopted child 
  • Parenting a traumatized child  

Additional specialties: co parenting classes, understanding child behavior, disciplining children, foster parent support, online parenting classes, disciplining toddlers, punishments for kids, creating a family vision  


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